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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Linux Strategy

Wal-Mart's new $200 Linux PC has generated a lot of buzz in geek circles. Although they're sold out of stores, I bought one for my daughter via mail order, and have written up a review of the system. The hardware seems fine for anyone but a hardcore gamer, but the pre-installed gOS flavor of Ubuntu has a lot of rough edges."

well. for me the only thing for linux will do to make it OS dominant in the market. is for the community to ask GAME DEVELOPERS to have also develop their game in the Linux Platform..
first step is to convinced blizzard to do that.. any way to make things short.. 50% of windows users are Gamers. 10% are developers and 40% are lamers..
gamers buys windows for its games..honestly there are not too many games in the penguin community. you see games makes the world go round :)

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